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If you’re tossing and turning night after night and not getting the deep, restful sleep you need, you may want to consider that your mattress and foundation could be stealing your sleep. The Better Sleep Council recommends carefully evaluating the comfort and support of your sleep set each year.

Below you can learn more about the different types of mattresses availible, so you can make an informed choice. Let us help insure your next mattress purchase, is the prefect mattress for you! 


The Different Types of Mattress

There are several types of bedding on the market today, Latex, Tempur-material, Memory foam, Gel foam, Innerspring, Air, Water, Pillowtops, etc.. Finding the right one for you, means assessing your needs. Here is brief summary of the different types of mattresses.

Tempur-material is the proprietary foam used only in Tempur-pedic mattresses. Tempur-material is considered by many to be the very best foam type in the market place today. Tempur material has an open cell structure vs. memory foam which has a closed cell structure. This allows the foam to contour better and remain cool. Tempur-material is known for its exceptional durability support, and pressure relieving properties.

Memory foam or visco elastic foam is heat sensitive, and reactive. There are many different quality levels of memory foam products out there. Memory foam ranges in density from a low of 2 lbs. to a high of over 7 lbs. When choosing a Memory foam remember the higher the density the foam is the better. A density of at least 4 lbs. is where the better memory foams begin. High quality memory foam offers great support and pressure relief.

Latex foam Natural Latex is derived from the rubber tree. Top quality latex is generally considered to be the among the longest lasting mattresses foams. Top quality Latex mattresses offer great support and exceptional durability. Latex mattresses are hypo-allergenic. Allergies reported are actually due to inferior quality processing of inferior quality Latex. A top quality Latex mattress will give you many quality years of use.

Innerspring coils are made in a range of sizes, gauges, shapes and heights. Coil counts (the number of coils in the mattress) can be deceiving. The higher the coil count in a mattress, the smaller actual individual coils are. The coil sizes are designated numerically according to the total number that are used in a double size innerspring or boxspring. As an example, when there are 312 coils in a double size innerspring, there will be fewer in a twin size made with the same coils and more in the king and queen sizes. The number of coils is not indicative of how long the mattress will last.

Foundations/Boxsprings are the base of the mattress set. Foundations are made primarily of steel or wood. Both can offer good support for your new mattress. Beware of inferior constriction techniques used in some inexpensive foundations, as sagging and squeaking may occur. To few or to small slats can cause problems down the road. A sagging foundation can cause the mattress to breakdown prematurely. Make sure your mattress is on a quality foundation.


Mattress lifespan How long should a new mattress last? It depends. A combination of factors determine how long a time that a mattress set will provide optimum support and comfort.

Some of these variables include:

QUALITY  A poor-quality mattress set can deteriorate quickly, while top-quality sets can be expected to provide comfort and support for a number of years. As with other products, you generally get what you pay for.

TYPE OF MATTRESS There are many types of mattresses in the market today. Latex and Tempur-material, and Memory foam will generally out last traditional mattresses. top quality Hybrid mattresses with coils and latex and/or memory foam will also provide comfort and support for many years. Top quality innerspring mattresses with high density Polly based foams are very durable as well. Innerspring mattresses using low to medium density foams will breakdown the quickest. 

WEIGHT An adult who is heavier can wear out a traditional mattress more quickly than someone who is lighter. Latex, Tempur-material, Memory foam will provide long lasting comfort and support to any size sleeper.  

FREQUENCY OF USE  All things being equal, a sleep set in the master bedroom that is used on a nightly, continuous basis will lose comfort more quickly than one in a guest room.

CARE Proper care by rotating the mattress can extend the life of a traditional style mattress set.

There is not one individual component that makes a mattress set good or bad. You need to select a mattress set that has a proper mix of quality components that fit your individual needs.



The warranty is there to protect you against product defect, not against the gradual loss of comfort and support. The chances that any bedding will go to pieces before the warranty expires are very low. In fact, it may remain in tact for many years thereafter. what’s important for you is how long the bedding lasts, but how long its good enough for you to be sleeping on. No warranty can legitimately assure the identical comfort and support at the end of a warranty period as the set had when it was new. Everything eventually wears out and your need for sleep changes as you get older. Don’t be misled in choosing the right set of bedding, if all the salesperson has to talk about is a warranty, then it may not be a good value.

Standard Mattress Sizes In Inches

Size Designations



Twin 39 74
Twin Extra Long 39 80
Double, Full or Regular 54 74
Double Extra Long 54 80
Queen 60 80
King 76 80
California King 72 84

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